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Ivan L.Andronov papers listed in the ADS
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Scientific activities:
Time series analysis of (irregularly spaced) signals
Polarimetric and photometric study of catalysmic varible stars and their models
Long-period pulsating variables and symbiotic binary stars

Here You find some selected papers and conference abstracts (published and in press) to download

Selected papers on cataclysmic variables (absent in the ADS)
Ostrova N.I., Katysheva N.A., Andronov I.L.: Variations of the superhump period of V368 Peg: Monotonicity or frequency doubling?- Astronomical School's Report, 2001 (in press) DownLoad
Andronov I.L. "Red noise" from the accreting magnetic white dwarfs. - Astron. Soc. Pacif. Conf. Ser., 1999, v 169., 326-336. DownLoad (tromso1.ps.gz)
Andronov I.L.: Analytic Approximations of some Functions in the Roche Model.- Astron.Astrophys.Transact., 1992, v.2, N4, p.341-345. page 1 2 3 4 5
Andronov I.L., Kolesnikov S.V., Shakhovskoy N.M. Scalegram Analysis of the Variability of the Polar AM Her - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1997, 10, 15-17. oa10_015.gif oa10_016.gif oa10_017.gif
Andronov I.L., Antoniuk K.A., Apeltauer T., Chinarova L.L., Galis R., Hric L., Kolesnikov S.V., Niarchos P.G., Novak R., Patkos L., Shakhovskoy D.N., Shakhovskoy N.M. TT Arietis: unprecedented switching from negative to positive superhumps - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1999, 12, 157-159. oa12_157.ps.z
Shakhovskoy N.M., Andronov I.L., Kolesnikov S.V., Halevin A.V. Blob parameters of accretion streams in magnetic cataclysmic variables - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1999, 12, 242-244. oa12_242.ps.z
Shakhovskoy N.M., Andronov I.L., Kolesnikov S.V. AM Herculis in 1989-93: various types of photometric and polarimetric behaviour. - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 40-45 oap7_040.ps.z
Tremko J., Andronov I.L., Chinarova L.L., Kumsiashvili M.I., Luthardt R., Pajdosz G., Patkos L., Roessiger S., Zola S. "20-min" oscillations of the cataclysmic variable TT Ari - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 132-135. oap7_132.ps.z
Andronov I.L., Borisov G.V., Chinarova L.L., Guzij S.I., Kolesnikov S.V., Mason P.A. Analysis of the CCD camera ST-4 and the observations of PX And 166 - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 166. oap7_166.ps.z
Shakhovskoy N.M., Efimov Yu.S., Andronov I.L., Kolesnikov S.V. BZ Camelopardalis = 0623+71 : The Cataclysmic Variable inside a Bow-Shock Nebula in: "Planetary Nebulae. Abstracts", Innsbruck, 1992, p.80; IAUSymp. 155, Kluwer, 1993, 407. 0623.TXT
Papers on time series analysis
Andronov I.L. Wavelet analysis of the irregularly spaced time series.- in: "Self-Similar Systems", eds. V.B. Priezzhev, V.P. Spiridonov, Dubna, JINR, 1999, p.57-70. dubna.ps.gz (dubna.ps.gz)
Andronov I.L. The expert system for time series analysis of variable stars.- in: Treasure-Hunting in Astronomical Plate Archives, ed. P.Kroll et al., H.Deutsch, Leipzig, 1999, p. 248-251. thapa.ps.gz
Andronov I.L. On the Adaptive Procedure of Brightness Evaluation from the Characteristic Curves .- Symp. Int. Astron. Union on Astrophotography, Jena, DDR, 1987, p.92-95. page 1 2 3 4

Andronov I.L. (Multi-)frequency variations of stars. Some methods and results - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 49-53. oap7_049.ps.z
Papers on long-periodic and symbiotic variables
Andronov I.L., Chernyshova I.V.: On Variability of the Cycle Length of AF Cygni.- Astron.Tsirk., 1989, N 1538, p.18-19. pages 1-2
Chinarova L.L.: Time Series Analysis of the Periodic and Aperiodic Variations of the Symbiotic Star UV Aurigae.- in: J.Dusek, M.Zejda (eds.) Proc. 29th Conf. Variable Star Res., Brno, Czech Republic, 1998, 38-44. pages 1-7
Marsakova V.I., Andronov I.L. Cycle-to-Cycle Changes of Mira-type Variable X Oph. - in: eds. J.Dusek, M.Zejda, "Proc. 29th Conf. Variable Star Res.", Brno, 1998, 130-137. (Pages 1-8)
Kudashkina L.S., Antonjuk K.A., Brukhanov I.S., Kosa-Kiss A., Richert M., Hacke G., Sergej I.M., Shchukin V.V., Multiperiodicities in the Semiregular Variables - in: eds. J.Dusek, M.Zejda, "Proc. 29th Conf. Variable Star Res.", Brno, 1998, 126-129. pages 1-4
Marsakova V.I., Andronov I.L. W Lyrae: Variability of the pulsation cycles of the Mira-type star.- Kinematics & Phys. Celestial Bodies (Kimematika Fizika Nebesnykh Tel), 1997, v.13, N6, 49-62. page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Kudashkina L.S., Rudnitskij G.M. Influence of shock waves on the light curves of long-period variables - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 66-69. oap7_066.ps.gz
Marsakova V.I., Rottar S.V., Andronov I.L. Periodogram analysis of the brightness variations of 8 red suspected variables - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 70-75. oap7_070.ps.gz
Pikhun A.I., Andronov I.L. Cycle length changes of the SRd variable UU Her ? - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 79. oap7_079.ps.gz
Andronov I.L., Chikrigin A.V., Kimeridze G.N. Photometric classification of the Margoni & Stagni suspected variables V 58, V 91 - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 89-90. oap7_089.ps.gz
Chinarova L.L., Andronov I.L., Schweitzer E. Time series analysis of the AFOEV observations of symbiotic stars UV Aur, TX Cvn and V1329 Cyg. - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1994, 7, 103-107 oap7_103.ps
Marsakova V.I., Andronov I.L. Catalogue of main characteristics of individual pulsational cycles of 35 Mira-type stars. - Odessa Astron. Publ., 1998, 11, 79-124
Description of the Catalogue
http://il-a.hotbox.ru/oa11_079.psz (.ps.z gzipped PostScript file)

Andronov I.L., Marsakova V.I. Time series analysis of the phase curve characteristics of the semiregular star RS Cygni - Astron. Astrophys. Transact., 1999, v. 18, 187-198. RS_CYG.PS.gz
Chinarova L.L., Andronov I.L. Catalogue of main characteristics of pulsations of 173 semi--regular stars - Odessa Astron. Publ., 2001, 13, 116-176
Html version of the Description
Html version of the Catalogue
Text of the paper (.ps.z gzipped PostScript file)
Tables (.ps.z gzipped PostScript file)

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